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Bonaparte's Gull, Med Hættemåge. Fundet af Anders Sydney Jensen, Denmark 16th of June 2021
@ Thomas Garm Pedersen
Eurasian Hobby, Denmark 23rd of May 2021
@ Tonny Ravn Kristiansen
Eurasian Sparrowhawk, han, Denmark 30th of May 2021
@ John Larsen
Rosy Starling, Rosenstær, hun 2k, Denmark 13th of June 2021
@ Per Kjær
Brant Goose, First record for the Faroe Islands, Still at the same location, first seen in 07.12.2020, Faeroes Islands 15th of April 2021
@ Rodmund á Kelduni
Eastern Imperial Eagle, Denmark 17th of June 2021
@ Thomas Garm Pedersen
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